Friday, August 28, 2009

CA panel votes to pick judges from parliament - Provision draws mixed reactions

KATHMANDU, Aug 27 - Legal experts have shown mixed reactions to the vote at the Constitutional Committee to Determine the Judicial System.

Nepal Bar Association Chairman Bishwo Kant Mainali said the provision would pose multiple risks to the judiciary. “First, the system will politicise the judiciary, and second, a chief justice from outside the apex court will not be able to lead the judiciary because judges and administrative staff there would not accept such a leader.” He also said the system would invite political intervention in the judiciary and corrode its values.

“This is a regressive development. The concern is the system may be abused,” said Bipin Adhikari, a constitutional expert.

Maoist lawmaker Ek Raj Bhandari ruled out the possibility of the election system politicising the judiciary. “This system will keep the judiciary out of politics and political influence because iy makes the chief justice accountable to the people,” he said.

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